Maj’muaat Rasail (Arabic Only)

Dar Ibn Hazm
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Bakr Bin Abdullah Abu Zaid
9.5x 6.9 inch
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Majmu Al Rasail Bakr Bin Abdullah Abu Zaid
Author: Bakr Bin Abdullah Abu Zaid
Book Binding: Hardcover
Size: 9.5x 6.9 inch
Publication year:2011
About This Book:
A collection of writings titled "Maj'muaat Rasail" was written by Muslim Brotherhood founder and Egyptian Islamic scholar Hasan al-Banna. There are several noteworthy essays in the book, some of which include: Ilaa al-Nur, "Towards the Light" This article outlines al-Banna's vision for a revitalized Islamic society built upon the tenets of monotheism, shari'a (Islamic law), and the caliphate (Khilafah). The question "To What Do We Invite Humanity?" (Is this Limadh Nuda al-Insaniyya?) Al-Banna focuses on the significance of Muslims reviving their faith and disseminating Islam over the world in this essay. In the essay "Between Yesterday and Today" (Bayna al-Ams wa al-Yawm), the Islamic worlds of the past and present are contrasted, and the necessity for reform is discussed. "Al-Aqaa'id"
(The Islamic Creed):
This essay explains the fundamental principles of the Islamic faith in great depth. Young Muslims are encouraged by the essay "Oh Youth" (Ya Shabab) to strive for excellence in all facets of their existence. In this essay, the term "al-Jihad" (Jihad) is defined and its various manifestations are covered. This essay, "Letter to a Muslim Student" (Risalat ila Talab I'lim Muslim), offers guidance to Muslim students on how to strike a balance between their academic requirements and their religious duties.

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