Marital Disputes Causes & Remedy

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Shaykh Ahmad Al-Mazrūi
6 x 0.35 x 9 inches
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Albana Publications
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Marital Disputes Causes & Remedy
ISBN: 9798870651330
Author: Shaykh Ahmad Al-Mazrūi
Binding: Paperbook
Pages: 154
Size: 6 x 0.35 x 9 inches
Publication Year: 2023
Publisher: Albana Publications
About This Book:
Matrimony is a cornerstone in the complex web of human interactions, connecting the lives of two people on a common path. But even the strongest marriages can have problems, and it's in the area of marital disagreements that couples work through the intricacies of their relationships. "Marital Disputes: Causes & Remedy" explores the core of these issues, revealing the numerous causes of strife and providing enlightening solutions to strengthen and mend the marital bond.
Understanding the Roots: 
This section of the book examines the underlying causes of marital arguments by removing the layers that cover them. This chapter breaks down the causes of conflict, giving readers a deep grasp of the dynamics that can strain even the most resilient marriages. These dynamics range from communication breakdowns and unmet expectations to external stressors and inner fears.
Communication breakdown: 
Although good communication is essential to a happy marriage, it frequently ends up being the source of conflict in unions. The subtleties of communication breakdowns in marriages are examined in this part, which also discusses the importance of active listening, unspoken expectations, and miscommunication. Couples are equipped with useful techniques and communication tools to help them heal their differences and promote understanding.
Managing Expectations:
Marital happiness may be clouded by unrealistic expectations. This chapter encourages couples to reassess and align their unique dreams and aspirations by examining the various difficulties linked with expectations in marriage. Couples can protect their relationship from the damaging impacts of disappointment by encouraging honest communication and setting reasonable expectations.

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