Marriage in Islam By Muhammad Abdul-Rauf

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Muhammad Abdul-Rauf
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Marriage in Islam By Muhammad Abdul-Rauf

ISBN: 9781881963486
Author: Muhammad Abdul Rauf
Book Binding: Softcover
Pages: 87
Publication year: 1996
Language: English
About This Book:
Muhammad Abdul-Rauf's insightful book "Marriage in Islam" examines the institution of marriage within the framework of Islamic teachings and beliefs. Even though there isn't much known about the author specifically, this incisive work shows his skill and knowledge in Islamic studies. The book by Muhammad Abdul-Rauf probably provides useful suggestions and direction for people trying to handle the difficulties of marriage while adhering to Islamic values. It may cover issues including finding a compatible mate, upholding harmony in a marriage, resolving problems, and encouraging spiritual development. Through his writing, the author seeks to present a fair and comprehensive vision of marriage in Islam, highlighting the value of communication, respect for one another, and building a solid foundation founded on faith. The book probably also discusses cultural influences and difficulties that people may encounter in current culture, providing advice on how to keep a faithful and satisfying marriage in a contemporary setting.
About The Author:
Through his profound publications and substantial scholarly endeavors, Dr. Abdul Rauf made a lasting impression on the world. His important works on Islam include "The Islamic View of Women and the Family," "Marriage in Islam: A Manual," and "Bilal Ibn Rabbah." He also wrote a number of other significant publications on Islam. He also dabbled in Sufism, writing insightful publications like "The Mystical Dimensions of Islam" and "The Way of the Sufi." Beyond his scholarly accomplishments, Dr. Rauf was a strong proponent of interfaith understanding and conversation, stressing the necessity of establishing respect and collaboration among many religious communities. He served as president of the International Association for the Promotion of Tolerance and Understanding and a member of the World Conference on Religion and Peace's board of directors due to his commitment to fostering harmony.

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