Muhammad's Role In Islam (The Prophet Of Mercy) By Jalal Abualrub

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Jalal Abualrub
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Muhammad's Role In Islam (The Prophet Of Mercy) By Jalal Abualrub

ISBN: 9780970376688
Author: Jalal Abualrub
Book Binding: Softcover
Pages: 118
Size: 6.90X9.90X0.40 (in)
Language: English
About This Book:
A modern author named Jalal Abualrub has written about a variety of subjects pertaining to Islam and the life of Prophet Muhammad. In this particular work, "Muhammad's Role in Islam (The Prophet of Mercy)," Abualrub examines the Prophet Muhammad's major position within the Islamic faith and emphasizes his kindness, compassion, and leadership attributes. The biography of Prophet Muhammad, his teachings, his personality, and his function as Islam's last prophet are all thoroughly explored in this book. Additionally, it might talk about his interactions with his companions, his purpose, and how his preaching affected the evolution of the Islamic faith. Part of an eight-book series titled, The Prophet of Mercy, explaining why Allah said these words about Muhammad in the Quran, {And We have sent you (O, Muhammad) not but as a mercy for the Alamin (all that exists)} (21:107). Muhammad, peace be upon him, is Islam’s Prophet and its most important person. Through the Quran, Islam’s Holy Book, and his Sunnah Prophetic Traditions, and his status as a Legislator by Allah’s Permission, Prophet Muhammad established Islam’s religious, social, political, economic and educational systems. Muhammad is also the ultimate example of how a Muslim should be, and all Muslims are required to strive and emulate his Sunnah practices and standard of character.
About The Author:
Islamic author, lecturer, and scholar Jalal Abualrub are well-known for his writings on Islam and its principles. It appears that he has written on subjects relating to Islam and Prophet Muhammad, even if I don't have precise information about his background, contributions, or works beyond what I can deduce from your prior inquiries.

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