My First Book Numbers (English/Arabic)

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4 x 5 inches
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My First Book Numbers (English/Arabic)
ISBN: 9781840595703
Author: Learning Company
Book Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 18
Size: 4 x 5 inches
Publication Year: 2009
About This Book:
"My First Book Numbers (English/Arabic)" is a fun and instructive children's book that introduces young readers to the world of numbers in both English and Arabic. This fascinating and interactive resource is ideal for children just starting out on their mathematical adventure, as it provides a dual-language approach to early numeracy.
Key characteristics include:
Bilingual Learning: 
"My First Book Numbers" offers a one-of-a-kind and fascinating experience by presenting numbers in both English and Arabic. This dual-language approach allows youngsters to learn two different numeral systems while also building multicultural and linguistic awareness.
Colorful images: 
The book comes to life with vibrant and fascinating images that catch the attention of young readers. The graphics are meticulously crafted to coincide with each number, making the learning process visually appealing and entertaining.
Interactive Exercises: 
The book contains interactive exercises that promote hands-on learning. Children can practice counting, tracing numbers, and identifying numerals with corresponding items, which will help them develop a solid numeracy foundation.
Cultural Awareness:
"My First Book Numbers" not only improves arithmetic skills but also introduces youngsters to the rich cultural legacy of the Arabic language, cultivating an early awareness for variety and global perspectives.
This book is designed for young children who are just beginning their adventure into mathematics, with basic and plain content. It introduces numbers and counting in a calm and age-appropriate manner.
Parent-Child Interaction:
This book is a fantastic resource for parents and caregivers who want to engage their children in the learning process. Sharing "My First Book Numbers" can be a bonding event that promotes family participation in a child's education.

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