My Mum Is Amazing (I Love my Family) By Professor K. Kabir Uddin

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Professor K. Kabir Uddin
5.7 x 8.5
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My Mum Is Amazing (I Love my Family) By Professor K. Kabir Uddin
ISBN: 9780993421112
Author: Professor K. Kabir Uddin
Book Binding: Softcover
Pages: 20
Size: 5.7 x 8.5
Publiication: 2015
About This Book:
Professor K. Kabir Uddin's "My Mum Is Amazing (I Love My Family)" is a sweet and beautifully illustrated children's book that praises the extraordinary love and care that mothers bring to their children. This book captures the essence of the mother-child bond and showcases the unique features that make moms genuinely great through engaging storytelling and vivid images.
Among the highlights of "My Mum Is Amazing" are:
Tribute to Motherhood: 
The book is a loving tribute to moms, emphasizing their important role in their children's lives. It emphasizes moms' love, sacrifices, and steadfast support.
Positive Role Modeling:
"My Mum Is Amazing" depicts mothers as positive role models, highlighting characteristics such as kindness, compassion, and direction. It emphasizes the ideals instilled in children by their moms.
Children feel empowered by the book because it celebrates their mothers' love and care. It instills a sense of self-worth and security in children, which is critical for their well-being.
Family Values: 
The book promotes vital family values such as love, respect, and unity through the mother-child interaction. It strengthens the notion that families are sources of love and strength.
Engaging graphics: 
The book has vivid and compelling graphics that complement the text and help young readers visualize the story. The pictures assist children in connecting with the story and characters.
The storyline of the book is applicable to youngsters of many backgrounds since it concentrates on the universal topic of great love between mothers and their children.

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