Noble Quran in Swahili Language (Arabic to Sawahili Language Translation)

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Shahid Zaid
5.8 x 8.3 inches
Publication Year:
Darussalam Publications
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Noble Quran in Swahili Language (Arabic to Sawahili Language Translation)
ISBN: 9782987465676
Author: Shahid Zaid
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 842
Size: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
Publication 2014
Publisher: Darussalam Publications
About This Book:
The "Honorable Quran in Swahili Language" is a profound scholarly work that rises above etymological and social limits. This book consolidates the tastefulness of the first Arabic Quran with a veritable Swahili interpretation, making the heavenly information on the Quran accessible to Swahili-talking perusers.
The Quran's Timeless Beauty:
This book's focal topic is the Quran, a loved and venerated turnout noted for its wonderful persuasiveness, divine information, and profound exhortation. The Quran is introduced in its unique Arabic content, permitting perusers to drench themselves in the significant excellence of its sections.
Swahili Translation:
This book incorporates a certified Swahili interpretation, guaranteeing that Swahili-talking perusers value the Quran's significant insights and examples. The interpretation crosses the semantic gap, permitting the Quran to be perused by a more extensive crowd.
Bridging Cultures:
The consideration of a Swahili interpretation lays out a connection between Swahili-talking networks and the insight and direction of the Quran in their local tongue. It advances social comprehension and develops the association between religion and language.
An Essential Resource:
The "Honorable Quran in Swahili Language" is a fundamental asset for Swahili-speaking Muslims and anyone with any interest at all in diving into the insight of the Quran in their nearby tongue. It is a viable apparatus for individual reflection, examination, and otherworldly turn of events.
This book is not only a literary work but a cultural and spiritual bridge, connecting Swahili-speaking communities to the profound wisdom and divine guidance of the Quran. It stands as an invaluable companion, offering the opportunity for Swahili-speaking readers to explore the beauty and depth of the faith and its teachings.

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