Unveiling the Beauty of Maqdis Quran: Complete Manual on the Rare Verses of the Quran with Audio, Color, Tajweed and word-by-word translation

Unveiling the Beauty of Maqdis Quran: Complete Manual on the Rare Verses of the Quran with Audio, Color, Tajweed and word-by-word translation

Considered as sacred text of all Muslims on the planet, the Quran which is believed to have been revealed by Allah ensures that more than a billion of them are lead on the right track, get knowledge they need, and provide them with the peace they crave. The greatness of the Maqdis Quran passes through, among the other editions and translations that are available, as the first and the latest technique to understand the Arabic of the Sacred Book. This article shows the special things about Maqdis Quran's translation, which is a word-based translation and a color-coded Tajweed. These features help readers understand each verse with more details. This remarkable work is available at online Islamic book

Recognizing the Maqdis in the Quran:

Word by Word Translation:

The meticulous translation of Maqdis Quran into English, which is one of its distinctive features, is not aimed at beautifying the original Arabic text but rather to effectively communicate the Quranic message. The literary approach divides each Arabic word into its, so giving audience a linguistic overview of the Qur'anic texts. For people who desire not only learning but also more understanding within the Arabic language of the meanings contained in verses, this approach helps a lot.

Improved Comprehension:

The Word by Word meaning function takes translating a Word out of the Quranic text to the next step of language learning. Besides, it helps language learners to connect to the Quranic text more deeply Readers might unfold the multiple connotations implied by different verbs and have a better feeling of communion with the Divine by making out the exact concept behind each word.

Accessibility for Non-Arabic Speakers:

The Maqdis Quran becomes very beneficial for those of who don't know the Arabic language very well. The purpose of this is to allow some extra knowledge of the Quranic profound lessons. And so, the Word by Word Translation functions as a bridge between English and Arabic, letting non-Arabic readers access the Quran and learn their ancient wisdom.

Color Coded Tajweed:

While this Quran is wrapped in a cover, on the inside, the face of the book is decorated with the use of unique Tajweed features, which are revealed through the use of color coding. Likewise, the language of Quran is given assistance by the Maqdis Quran system's color-coded layout of the verses in their proper pronunciation which is called Tajweed. Different colors are employed to signify appropriate rules of Tajweed that will enhance the accuracy of reciting any prayer. With that, along with readers’ convenience to do so, they can easily apply what they have learned, by recognizing the correct pronunciation.

Enhancing Recitation:

For the learners willing to memorize the Quran in Arabic the function of Multi-Language Tajweed offered by the application are amazing. Using for color coded guidance, readers can understand how to pronounce the poem correctly and accentuate the rhythm which contribute to its grace.

16th Feb 2024 Abdul Staar

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