Part 30 of the Holy Quran With Arabic Text

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Abdullah Yusuf Ali
5.8 x 8.3 inches
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Part 30 of the Holy Quran With Arabic Text
ISBN: 9781870582278
Author: Abdullah Yusuf Ali
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 95
Size: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
About This Book:
"Part 30 of the Holy Quran With Arabic Text" is a hallowed and fundamental gathering that offers perusers an engaged examination of the Quran's closing quarter. This release is an extensive depiction of the Sacred Quran's thirty-first part, including the first Arabic text close by a loyal interpretation. This book is expected to build the comprehension peruser might interpret the Quranic sections included inside this vital part by filling in as an otherworldly aide and reference.
Text of the Quran in its entirety
The entire Arabic text of the Heavenly Quran's 30th part lies at the core of this distribution. Each line is introduced carefully, permitting perusers to become drenched in the style and magnificence of the first Arabic language. This part is huge on the grounds that it contains the Quran's last sections, every one of which offers one-of-a-kind experiences into different parts of confidence, direction, and profound quality.
Reliable Translation
This book offers a reliable interpretation of the Arabic text to make the Quran's examples more open to a more extensive crowd. The interpretation is carefully created with veneration, fully intent on passing on the implications and messages of the Quranic refrains in a clear and reasonable way. Perusers can draw in the significant information innate in the holy sections no matter what they associate with the Arabic language.
Spiritual Insights and Commentary
This release might include otherworldly remarks and bits of knowledge in the stanzas to upgrade the peruser's insight. Researchers and perusers have the same advantage from extra settings, verifiable realities, and translations that assist them with understanding the Quranic lessons all the more profoundly. These bits of knowledge are an important asset for people who need to dive further into the hallowed text's degrees of importance.

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