Princess Haleema and The Ring By Ali Gator

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Ali Gator
8.5 x 8.5 inches
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Princess Haleema and The Ring By Ali Gator
ISBN: 9781921772115
Author: Ali Gator
Book Binding: Softcover
Pages 24
Size: 8.5 x 8.5 inches
Publication year: 2014
About This Book:
Ali Gator's "Princess Haleema and The Ring" is an enthralling children's book that takes young readers on a beautiful trip filled with wonder, curiosity and the everlasting subject of self-discovery. This book invites children to experience the world of Princess Haleema and the remarkable adventure she embarks on through its fascinating narration and stunning images.
The Enchanted Kingdom:
Readers are introduced to Princess Haleema's enchanting kingdom, a place where dreams come true and every day is an opportunity for discovery and learning. The kingdom serves as the setting for a story that emerges with each page.
The Mystery Ring:
At the heart of the story is a mystery ring discovered by Princess Haleema during one of her adventures. This finding marks the beginning of an astonishing journey of self-discovery and inner improvement.
The Power of Curiosity:
Princess Haleema dives further into the mysteries of the ring, and young readers are treated to a story that celebrates the power of curiosity, determination, and the thrill of adventure. The anecdote exemplifies the importance of asking questions and pursuing knowledge.
Lessons from the Past:
Throughout her quest, Princess Haleema learns vital lessons from the ring's history and stories. These teachings serve as guides for her self-discovery journey, highlighting the value of wisdom and reflection.
The Inner Journey:
As Princess Haleema discovers the true significance of the ring and its relationship to her own life, the novel takes readers on an inner journey. This self-discovery journey is rich in thoughts and wisdom that will appeal to young readers.

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