Princess Shahida The Witness By Ali Gator

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Ali Gator
4x4 inches
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Princess Shahida The Witness By Ali Gator
ISBN: 9781921772030
Author: Ali Gator
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 24
Size: 4x4 inches
Publication 2012
About This Book:
"Princess Shahida: The Witness" will take you on a thrilling voyage into the world of divine qualities. This engaging story is more than simply a story; it's a unique voyage that awakens young readers' hearts and minds to the profound meaning of Asma ul Husna, Allah's 99 Names. Young readers will be motivated by Princess Shahida's journeys to safeguard justice, confront wrongdoers, and protect those who cannot defend themselves.
The Mysterious Market Meeting:
In this beautiful story, we accompany Princess Shahida as she enters a crowded bazaar. She comes upon a scene of horror and mayhem among the vivid stalls and boisterous talk of people. Mysterious horsemen with malice in their hearts terrorized the market's inhabitants.
A Fearful Community:
The marketplace is in shambles as the marauding horsemen resume their reign of terror. Fear grips both shopkeepers and consumers, rendering them helpless in the face of this threatening threat. The community desperately needs a hero, a rescuer, and a witness to speak out for the truth.
Princess Shahids's Determination:
Princess Shahida stands out among those who tremble in the shadows of dread. She is driven by a burning desire for justice and an unrelenting determination to uncover the truth. She begins on a noble adventure to protect the innocent and confront the wicked riders who have sown chaos in the marketplace, with courage as her guiding light.
The Exposure of Evil:
As readers follow Princess Shahida's search of the identities of the wicked horsemen, the suspense grows. Will her bravery and drive be enough to expose their evil intentions and put a stop to their reign of terror?

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