Quran Challenge Game By Saniyasnain Khan

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Saniyasnain Khan
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Quran Challenge Game By Saniyasnain Khan
ISBN: 9788178982694
Author: Saniyasnain Khan
Binding: Box Packing
Size: 21x33cm
Publication Year: 2004
About This Book:
Saniyasnain Khan's "Quran Challenge Game" is an innovative and interesting technique to instilling a love for the Quran and expanding one's awareness of its teachings. This board game mixes fun and learning, producing an interactive experience that encourages players to enhance their grasp of the Quran in an engaging and competitive manner. It is designed for individuals, families, and educational settings.
Quranic Exploration that is Interactive:
The process of learning the Quran is transformed into an interactive adventure in this game. Saniyasnain Khan guides players through the Quran, inviting them to investigate its verses, stories, and teachings in a dynamic and engaging manner.
Educational journey: 
The "Quran Challenge Game" is more than simply a game; it is also an educational journey for both youngsters and adults. Players meet questions and problems relating to the Quran through strategic gameplay, establishing a deeper relationship with the sacred text.
Reinforcement of Quranic Knowledge: 
One of the game's key goals is to reinforce Quranic knowledge. As players move through the challenges, they will receive questions on a variety of topics, such as prophetic accounts, Islamic history, and moral lessons found in the Quran. This reinforcement occurs in an interesting and intellectually stimulating style.
Family and Group Participation:
The game encourages family and community engagement, making it an excellent choice for parties, educational events, or casual game nights. The game encourages unity and shared learning among users by establishing a shared arena for Quranic exploration.

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    Must have game and excellent customer service

    Unknown on 3rd May 2020

    What a great way to learn the facts of Quran as a family activity. The shipment was quick, OIB team was prompt to answer my questions accommodate my last moment changes . Will definitely recommend OIB.