Quran in Bosnian language (Kur'an S Prevodom)

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Quran in Bosnian language (Kur'an S Prevodom)
Author: Allah
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 1208
Size: 6x9x1.5" Inch
About This Book:
Discover the profound beauty and timeless wisdom of the Quran in Bosnian with "Kur'an S Prevodom." This edition immerses readers in the sacred book, expressing the eloquence of the Quran in the rich and expressive Bosnian language.
Unlocking Spiritual Insights:
For Bosnian-speaking readers, "Kur'an S Prevodom" serves as a key to unlocking spiritual insights, allowing them to delve into the depths of Islamic teachings and guidance. The translation retains the core of the original Arabic text, making the message of the Quran more accessible to a wider audience and promoting a greater link between believers and heavenly revelations.
Cultural Sensitivity and Linguistic subtleties: 
This Bosnian translation is meticulously created with consideration to cultural sensitivity and linguistic subtleties, ensuring that the Quran's profound meanings and nuances are faithfully communicated. The translation is more than just a linguistic conversion; it reflects the spiritual nuances and cultural resonances of the Bosnian-speaking population.
Educational Resource:
"Qur'an S Prevodom" is also a remarkable educational resource, giving readers a thorough grasp of the Quranic verses. This edition promotes a voyage into the Quranic teachings, developing a deeper understanding of the faith, whether one is a student of Islamic studies, a scholar, or a curious reader.
Bridge of Understanding:
"Qur'an S Prevodom" functions as a bridge of understanding for those who are inexperienced with Arabic, allowing anyone to explore the sacred text without language hurdles. The translation is given alongside the original Arabic verses, allowing readers to interact with both the Quran's linguistic beauty and its translated meanings.

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    Bosnian war time Quran translation

    NEDZAD IBRELJIC on 4th Jun 2020

    This Quran translation is very popular among Bosnian Muslims because it became available to us in the war time.