Qurani Qaida Or Noorani Qaida (Urdu Language) By Muhammad Idris

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Muhammad Idris
9.3 x 6.5 inch
Publication Year:
Darussalam Publications
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Qurani Qaida Or Noorani Qaida (Urdu Language) By Muhammad Idris
ISBN: 9786035000246
Author: Muhammad Idris
Book Binding: Softcover
Pages: 63
Size: 9.3 x 6.5 inch
Publication Year: 2008
About This Book:
Muhammad Idris's "Qurani Qaida Or Noorani Qaida (Urdu Language)" is a vital and necessary learning resource meant to educate newcomers to the Arabic alphabet and the fundamentals of Quranic reading and pronunciation. This Urdu-language tutorial serves as a starting point for people of all ages who want to read and recite the Quran correctly and clearly.
Key characteristics include:
Foundational Learning:
"Qurani Qaida Or Noorani Qaida" is a must-have resource for individuals just getting started with learning the Quranic script (Arabic alphabet) and accurate pronunciation (Tajweed). It lays a solid basis for further Quranic study.
Urdu Language:
The book is written in Urdu, making it accessible to a wide range of readers, including youngsters, beginners, and adults who are more comfortable with Urdu as their native language.
Step-by-Step Progression:
The book takes a systematic and progressive method to present Arabic letters, shapes, and pronunciation principles. This strategy helps students to gradually improve their talents.
Clear and Simple Instructions:
"Qurani Qaida Or Noorani Qaida" provides clear and simple instructions, allowing newcomers to quickly understand the principles of Quranic reading and pronunciation.
Interactive Exercises:
Interactive activities and practice sessions are included in the book to reinforce the principles covered. This hands-on method assists students in efficiently developing their reading abilities.
Tajweed Rules:
As learners go through the book, Tajweed rules, which control the correct pronunciation and articulation of Quranic passages, are taught and explained.
Islamic Calligraphy:
To improve visual knowledge of Arabic letters and their forms, the book may incorporate samples of Islamic calligraphy and Quranic passages.
Ideal for Self-Study or Classroom Use:
This resource is versatile and adaptable to many learning styles and situations, whether used for self-study or in a classroom setting.

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