Reflecting on the Names of Allah By Jinan Yousef

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Jinan Yousef
Soft cover
9.0 x 6.0 x 1.3 inch
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Reflecting on the Names of Allah By Jinan Yousef
Author: Jinan Yousef
Book Binding:Soft cover
Pages 530
Size: 9.0 x 6.0 x 1.3 inch
Publication year:2020
About This Book:
"Reflecting on the Names of Allah" by Jinan Yousef is a book that urges readers to think about and investigate the different names and characteristics of Allah (God) as mentioned in Islamic tradition. Jinan Yousef provides spiritual direction and greater understanding for anyone seeking a closer relationship with their Creator through his observations and reflections on the significance and meanings of these celestial names. Jinan Yousef urges readers throughout the book to dive into the profound meanings of Allah's names, examining their significance and the lessons they offer for daily life. Readers are encouraged to develop a deeper sense of wonder, thankfulness, and love for Allah by contemplating these heavenly traits.
The book is containing the Names of Allah. The all 99 names of Allah. Each name is complemented by appropriate Quranic verses and hadith (Prophet Muhammad's sayings and actions), as well as practical insights and applications for personal and spiritual development. "Reflecting on the Names of Allah" seeks to inspire readers to expand their understanding and relationship with Allah, instilling awe and reverence in them while finding refuge and direction in His magnificent characteristics. It encourages people to apply the lessons they've learned from these names in their everyday lives, seeking to embody the traits and values they represent.
This book provides a comprehensive explanation for Allah's names and attributes. The author has effectively defined the attributes of Allah in such a way to ensure sufficient detail is provided for the reader, without excessively analyzing and over complicating the topic. The aim and achievement of this book is to introduce God in the terms in which He introduces Himself, and thereby make the approach to Him easier for willing hearts and minds. Furthermore it allows for a lighter, more pleasant and rewarding experience on the journey in reconnecting and strengthening the bond with our Creator.

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