SHHH...I m Praying (Boy)

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Learning Roots
Laminate Cards
30cm tall
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SHHH...I m Praying (Boy) 
Author: Learning Roots
Book Binding: Softcover
Pages: Laminate Cards
Size: 30cm tall
Publication year: 2009
About This Book:
Young readers are invited into a world of spiritual study in "SHHH...I'm Praying (Boy)," as they accompany a small kid on his lovely journey of faith. This endearing children's book is more than just a story; it's a portal to a better knowledge of prayer, spirituality, and the special bond between a child and his devotion.
The Illustrator and Author
A talented author who understands the complexities of children's spirituality and an illustrator who brings these notions to life with vivid and captivating pictures are behind the enchanting narrative. Their collaboration guarantees that the story is both informative and visually appealing.
Setting out on a Spiritual Journey
The lead character, a likable and endearing little child, is introduced as he goes on his own personal spiritual journey. Young readers are brought through his preparations for prayer and the moments of reverence and contemplation that are an essential component of this sacred practice through clever narration and striking visuals.
Mindfulness and Spirituality Promotion
"SHHH...I'm Praying (Boy)" strives to promote tranquillity, mindfulness, and an understanding of the role of spirituality in a child's life, rather than simply telling a story. It enables children to identify with the boy's journey, prompting them to investigate their own religion and the value of prayer in their lives.
Illustrations that are appealing
This book creates an immersive and inclusive environment for young readers to explore with its colorful and fascinating pictures. These pictures are intended to pique children's imaginations and pique their curiosity while also giving a deeper connection to the text.

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