Sirat Umar Bin Al Khattab (Arabic Only) By Ali Mohamed Al Salabi

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Ali Mohamed Al Salabi
9 x6 inch
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Sirat Umar Bin Al Khattab (Arabic Only) By Ali Mohamed Al Salabi
ISBN: 9789953429588
Author: Ali Mohamed Al Salabi
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 576
Size: 9x6 inch
Publication Year: 2010
About This Book:
"Sirat Umar Bin Al Khattab," composed by prestigious Islamic researcher Ali Mohamed Al Salabi, is a finished and genuine record of the existence of Umar canister Al Khattab (may Allah be satisfied with him), quite possibly of Islam's most worshiped holy person. This Arabic-just memoir thoroughly reports Umar's extraordinary excursion as a nearby buddy of the Prophet Muhammad (harmony arrive) and the second Caliph of Islam, giving perusers an inside and out comprehension of his life and commitments to Islam.
Key features of this profound biography include:
Historical Depth:
Ali Mohamed Al Salabi's extensive review and profound information on Islamic history give perusers an itemized and irrefutable record of Umar's life, encapsulating his part in the early Islamic people group.
Biographical Insights:
This book goes into Umar's own and public life, exhibiting his transformation from a candid adversary of Islam to perhaps of its most impassioned ally. His solid personality, astuteness, and initiative characteristics are totally analyzed.
Islamic Governance:
The book centers around Umar's rule as the subsequent Caliph, welcoming light on his visionary initiative, the development of the Islamic state, and his spearheading commitments to the Caliphate's managerial and legitimate underpinnings.
Meetings with the Prophet:
The book gives a striking depiction of Umar's gatherings with the Prophet Muhammad, featuring the huge effect these experiences had on his otherworldly excursion and unshakeable faithfulness to Islam.
This section looks at Umar's proceeding with influence inside the Islamic world, with an emphasis on his different commitments to the progression of Islamic law and administration.

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