Some Selected Supplications from The Quran (Pocket Size)

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Darussalam Research Division
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Darussalam Publications
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Some Selected Supplications from The Quran (Pocket Size)
ISBN: 9789960892467
Author: Darussalam Research Division
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 60
Size: 8x12cm
Publication Year: 2002
About This Book:
Explore the sacred passages of the Quran with "Some Selected Supplications from The Quran (Pocket Size)," a succinct and powerful compilation by an unidentified author. This pocket-sized treasure compiles a collection of supplications directly drawn from the holy Quran, providing readers with a portable guide to connecting with Allah through the profound and timeless words of divine revelation.
An Intimate Conversation with Allah
Begin an intimate discourse with the Creator by reciting selected supplications from the Quran. These lines capture the spirit of approaching Allah with humility, appreciation, and earnest petitions, building a direct and personal relationship between the reader and the Divine.
A Source of Spiritual Direction
Find spiritual direction in the verses that have been carefully chosen for their relevance to daily life, struggles, and reflective moments. Each supplication is a timeless guide that brings peace, knowledge, and a profound grasp of how the Quran provides practical lessons for navigating life's path.
Gratitude and Patience Reflections
Investigate supplications that focus on the themes of gratitude and patience, both of which are fundamental values stressed in Islamic teachings. These words instill gratitude and resilience in readers, encouraging them to turn to Allah in times of joy and adversity.
A Convenient Tool for Daily Reflection
This pocket-sized book, designed to be carried wherever you go, becomes a portable companion for daily thought and spiritual connection. Place it in your pocket or purse to serve as a continual reminder of the beauty, guidance, and peace contained in the words of the Quran.

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    Good Book

    Paul .R on 28th Aug 2018

    Beautiful supplication from the Quran, a must have book