Surah Yaseen Small Size Ref 76

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Soft cover
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Surah Yaseen Small Size Ref 76
Author: Allah
Book Binding: Soft cover
Pages 16
Size: Small
Publisher: Qudratullah Company
About This Book:
"Surah Yaseen Small Size Ref 76" refers to the Quran's smaller-sized version of Surah Yaseen. This chapter, known as Surah Yaseen, is very important in the Islamic faith. It is a chapter of the Quran and is the 36th chapter. The phrase "Surah Yaseen Small Size Ref 76" refers to a specific edition or format that includes this chapter. Muslims admire Surah Yaseen for its spiritual and deep lessons. It has 83 verses and tackles a variety of topics, including the Quran's revelation, the signs of creation, and the notion of resurrection. It is thought that reciting and pondering on Surah Yaseen brings several blessings and spiritual advantages.
The "Small Size Ref 76" edition denotes a smaller version of Surah Yaseen, intended for convenient carrying and reading. While no specifics regarding this version are given, it may be assumed that it provides an easy means for anyone to connect with the content and lessons of Surah Yaseen. Editions like "Surah Yaseen Small Size Ref 76" provide Muslims a handy way to engage with this crucial chapter of the Quran, whether for personal meditation, recitation, or seeking blessings.
Recitation of Surah Yaseen has various benefits and it has also been called the Heart of the Quran:
Our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH is reported to have said, “Surely, everything has a heart, and the heart of Quran is Yaseen. I would like it to be in the heart of every believer of my ummah.” Surah Yaseen is reported to have countless benefits for Muslims reciting it. It has been said that it acts as a purifier and removes all sins from the person reciting it.

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