Surah Yaseen With Large Haroof (Persion-Hindi-Urdu Script)

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Surah Yaseen With Large Haroof (Persion-Hindi-Urdu Script)
ISBN: 9789383226337
Book Binding: Paperback
Pages: 32
About This Book:
"Surah Yaseen With Large Haroof (Persian-Hindi-Urdu Script)" is a customized edition if one of the Quran's most respected chapters (surah) meant to improve the reading experience for a wide range of readers. Surah Yaseen is the Quran's 36th chapter, and it is noted for its profound spiritual meaning and the blessings linked with its recitation. This one-of-a-kind edition includes numerous interesting features:
Large Haroof Script:
The usage of a larger Haroof (Arabic letters) script is the most noticeable element of this book. Surah Yaseen's Arabic text is given in a significantly enlarged format, making it exceedingly easy to read, particularly for people with visual impairments or who prefer larger print for a more pleasant reading experience.
Persian-Hindi-Urdu Script: 
This edition uses a script that mixes Persian, Hindi, and Urdu features. This fusion of writing styles caters to a diverse readership, including those from South Asian and Persian-speaking regions, allowing them to interact with the Quran in a form familiar to them.
Enhanced Readability: 
The larger text size and unique script style make Surah Yaseen more accessible to a wider audience. This edition assures that readers can engage more profoundly with the spiritual and linguistic beauty of the Quranic text, whether used for personal recitation, religious study, or as a gift.
Spiritual Significance:
Surah Yaseen has a prominent place in Islamic tradition, commonly referred to as the "Heart of the Quran" because of its profound lessons and spiritual blessings. This edition allows readers to ponder on the surah's verses and meanings, facilitating a deeper relationship with its teachings.

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