Suwar min Hayat al-Tabiin (Arabic Only)

Dar Al Nafaes
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Dr. 'Abd al-Rahman Rafat Pasha
9.8 x 6.8 inch
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Suwar min Hayat al-Tabiin (Arabic Only)

Author: Dr. 'Abd al-Rahman Rafat Pasha
Book Binding:Hardcover
Size: 9.8 x 6.8 inch
Publication year: 2010
About This Book:
"Snapshots from the Lives of the Tabi'in" (Suwar min Hayat al-Tabiin) is translated from Arabic as "Snapshots from the Lives of the Tabi'in." The generation of Muslims who followed the Prophet Muhammad's (peace be upon him) companions and had the chance to directly learn from them is referred to as the Tabi'in. In this book, important Tabi'in is likely depicted in snapshots or glances, giving readers an understanding of their achievements, experiences, and commitment to Islam. "Suwar min Hayat al-Tabiin" is a useful resource for learning about the early Islamic period and the enormous contribution the Tabi'in made to the creation and upkeep of Islamic customs and beliefs. It gives readers a fuller understanding of this generation of Muslims' significant heritage and influence on the larger Muslim community.
About The Author:
Dr. Abdur Rahman Rafat Pasha was born in 1920. He completed his Primary education in Khusraviya of Aleppo, Higher certificate in Islamic Usool from Azhar Shareef, BA in Arabic literature from King Fuad College, and A Master’s and Doctorate from Cairo University.
His Achievements:
Teacher, Manager Zahiriya Library Damascus. A Professor of Damascus University. A Professor at Imam Mohammed bin Saud Islamic University Riyadh. Member of Literary Academy and Head of Arabic Critic and Publication departments.Some of his writings include: Suwar Min Hayatis Sahaba, Suwar Min Hayati Tabi'een, Al-Din Al-Qayyim, Fann Al-Imtihan, Tarikh Al-Unduls, Al-Batula, Hadath Fi Ramadhan, Al-Tareeq Al-Andalus (Spain)

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