Tajweed Quran In 30 Parts Landscape Pages In Leather Case (Small Size)

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Dar Al Marifah
Leather Case
30 Parts
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Tajweed Quran In 30 Parts Landscape Pages In Leather Case (Small Size)
ISBN: 9789933423490
Author: Dar Al Marifah
Binding: Leather Case
Pages: 30 Parts
Size: 3x5inches
About This Book:
The "Tajweed Quran In 30 Parts Landscape Pages In Leather Case" is a treasured and useful resource for Muslims of all ages and backgrounds who want to improve their Quranic recitation and comprehension. This exquisitely designed Quranic set not only contains the entire text of the Quran but also integrates Tajweed principles, ensuring that readers can recite the holy passages with appropriate pronunciation and harmony.
Tajweed for Precise Recitation: 
The Quran contains Tajweed guidelines that are necessary for correct pronunciation and recitation of Quranic verses. The use of Tajweed aids readers in avoiding mispronunciations and guarantees that they recite the Quran in the manner in which it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
30 Individual Parts: 
The Quran is divided into 30 individual parts, also known as Juz, which allows readers to conveniently read and memorize smaller pieces, making daily recitation and contemplation easier to handle.
Landscape Pages: 
The pages' unusual landscape style makes them more user-friendly and visually beautiful, making the material easier to comprehend and memorize. This design decision also allows the text to be laid out in a clean and legible manner.
Leather Case: 
The Quran set includes a beautiful leather case that not only adds a touch of luxury but also protects the holy text. This case will ensure that your Quran is carefully protected for many years to come.
Suitable for All Ages:
This Tajweed Quran is appropriate for readers of all levels, whether you are a novice or an expert reciter. It helps learners connect more deeply with the Quran and allows expert reciters to fine-tune their pronunciation.

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