The Fiqh Of Fasting The Month Of Ramadan Workbook (1)

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Hassan Somali
6 x 9 inches
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The Fiqh Of Fasting The Month Of Ramadan Workbook (1)
ISBN: 9781495118623
Author: Hassan Somali
Book Binding: Softcover
Pages: 52
Size: 6 x 9 inches
Publication Year: 2017
About This Book:
"The Fiqh Of Fasting: The Month Of Ramadan Workbook (Volume 1)" is a must-have resource for Muslims seeking a deeper knowledge of the sacred act of fasting throughout Ramadan. This thorough workbook has been painstakingly developed to give practical direction, aid learning, and improve the spiritual experience of fasting.
Highlights and characteristics:
Interactive Learning:
This workbook provides a hands-on approach to learning, with exercises, quizzes, and activities that immerse readers in an engaging and immersive study of fasting.
Based on Islamic law (fiqh), the book gives a sound framework for comprehending the rules, restrictions, and benefits of Ramadan fasting. It discusses important issues like the pre-dawn meal (suhoor), breaking the fast (iftar), the purpose (niyyah), and others.
Spiritual Reflection:
Beyond the legal issues, the workbook urges readers to consider the spiritual benefits of fasting, such as the development of self-discipline, patience, and increased devotion to Allah.
Practical Guidance:
It provides practical guidance and recommendations on how to make the most of Ramadan, manage daily routines, and strike a balance between religion, work, and family duties.
Comprehensive Coverage:
Volume 1 of the workbook sets the framework for a full grasp of fasting, making it appropriate for both novices and those looking to improve their knowledge.
Unique Learning:
Throughout the workbook, readers may track their progress, establish personal objectives, and take notes to create a unique Ramadan learning experience.

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