The Gift of My Mother By Shazia Nazlee

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Shazia Nazlee
8.3 x 11.2 inches
Publication Year:
Darussalam Publications
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The Gift of My Mother By Shazia Nazlee
ISBN: 9789960969077
Author: Shazia Nazlee
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 24
Size: 8.3 x 11.2 inches
Publication 2006
About This Book:
Shazia Nazlee's diary "The Gift of My Mother" is a euphoric and profound glance at the creator's very own excursion, featuring the critical effect of a mother's affection and impact on her life. This dazzlingly composed book urges perusers to enter Shazia Nazlee's universe, where the intricacies of human feelings, family connections, and the getting-through connection between mother and little girl become the dominant focal point.
Shazia Nazlee shares her encounters, recollections, and life examples that have been impacted and improved by her mom's information, sympathy, and strength in this moving journal. The account jumps into general subjects like family, love, and self-disclosure, reverberating with perusers who have additionally had significant binds with and direction from maternal figures in their day-to-day existence.
Among the highlights of "The Gift of My Mother" are:
Unconditional Love:
The book digs into the profundities of a mother's affection, portraying the unfaltering help, penance, and care that moms bring to their kids all through their lives.
Personal Development:
Shazia Nazlee thinks about how her mom's impact has formed her character, ethics, and point of view.
Family Dynamics:
The story digs into the subtleties of family associations, giving knowledge into the delights, disappointments, and intricacies that are a piece of each and every family's excursion.
Cultural Richness:
Shazia Nazlee capably coordinates topics of culture, custom, and inheritance all through the story, exhibiting how these attributes have worked on her life and her relationship with her mom.
Resilience and Strength:
All through the story, perusers witness the creator's and her mom's flexibility and strength, which have empowered them to face life's challenges and misfortunes with elegance and assurance.

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