The Holy Quran By Abdullah Yusuf Ali (7x4.8 Inches)

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Abdullah Yusuf Ali
7x4.8 Inches
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The Holy Quran By Abdullah Yusuf Ali(7x4.8 Inches)
ISBN: 9788178981413
Author: Abdullah Yusuf Ali
Book Binding: Softcover
Pages: 447
Size: 7x4.8 Inches
Publiication: 2013
About This Book:
In its compact format of 7x4.8 inches, "The Holy Quran" translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali is a timeless and beloved edition of the Quran, offering readers a thorough and accessible English translation of Islam's sacred text. This translation is renowned for its scholarly precision, eloquence, and profound commentary, making it an invaluable resource for Muslims and everyone interested in the Quran's teachings.
This edition's highlights include:
Translation that is accurate:
Abdullah Yusuf Ali's translation is well regarded for its fidelity to the original Arabic text. It aims to communicate the ideas and intricacies of the Quran's passages in plain and understandable English.
Comprehensive Commentary:
In addition to the translation, this book includes a lengthy commentary by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, which provides essential background, explanations, and insights into the Quranic verses. The commentary improves the reader's understanding of the text, making it a significant resource for Islamic academics and students.
Convenient Size:
With a compact size of 7x4.8 inches, this copy of the Quran is convenient to carry and read and reference anywhere you go. It is appropriate for solitary study, travel, or reading in quiet moments of reflection.
Clear Typeface:
The material is produced in a legible and clear typeface that facilitates reading and comprehension.
Versatile Application:
Farah Yusuf Ali's "The Holy Quran" is a versatile version ideal for individuals, families, and educational settings. It is a spiritual growth guide, a source of information, and a reference for people studying the Quranic text and its interpretations.

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