The Islam Guide An Insight Into The Faith History And Civilisation

Exhibition Of Islam
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Exhibition Of Islam
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The Islam Guide An Insight Into The Faith History And Civilisation
ISBN: 9780955523816
Author: Exhibition Of Islam
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 355
Size: 22x20cm
Publication Year: 2007
About This Book:
"The Islam Guide: An Insight Into The Faith, History, and Civilization" is a careful and illuminating examination of Islam, one of the world's fundamental religions, furnishing perusers with a strong comprehension of its fundamental convictions, rich history, and through human progress. This book is an extraordinary asset for individuals of different foundations, whether they are new to Islam or need to become familiar with its large number.
Unveiling Islamic Faith:
This guide goes into the fundamental ideas and convictions that comprise Islamic confidence. It dives into the basic convictions, practices, and values that impact the existence of almost a billion Muslims around the world.
Rich Historical Tapestry:
Perusers are driven on an enchanting journey through the historical backdrop of Islam, from its starting points in the seventh 100 years to its worldwide turn of events and commitments to science, workmanship, culture, and human advancement.
Diverse Points of View:
The aide offers a fair and nuanced comprehension of Islam's different practices and translations, offering light on the religion's complex nature.
Impact on Culture and Civilization:
Perusers will get superior information on Islam's huge effect on world culture, including commitments to theory, writing, engineering, and science.
Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding:
"The Islam Guide" likewise goes about as an extension for interfaith and intercultural figuring out, empowering correspondence and common regard among individuals from all foundations.

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