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The Islamic Creed by Imam Tahawi By Muhammad S. Adly

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Muhammad S. Adly
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The Islamic Creed by Imam Tahawi By Muhammad S. Adly

In an age where fundamental beliefs are misunderstood and aberrant opinions are championed as tenets of faith, the only viable solution to this intellectual malaise is to revive our connection with the principles that underpin our core beliefs as adherents of orthodox Islam.

Many works on Islamic theology that were guided by both reason and scripture have been formulated throughout Islm's history. They vary in their detail, from extensive voluminous works to concise summaries. of the latter type, the creed of Imam  Ja'far al-Tahawi [d.321/933] is arguably the most acclaimed and universally accepted. It is, moreover, one of the earliest works on creed; and its enduring appeal among Sunni scholarly circles is attested by the numerous commentaries written on it, the various languages it has been translated into, and the many Islamic seminaries at which it is the primary creedal text that is taught.
Despite the availability of several English translations of the text, commentaries on it in the English language are scarce. The few that are available are, unfortunately, by authors with heterodox tendencies, who arrogated the creed to themselves to propagate their aberrant doctrines that are at odds with those of the author.
The current translation is based on a commentary of the notable scholar Imam Abu Hafs Siraj al-Din al-Ghaznawi [d.740/1339]. This work was chosen for translation because of its conciseness and simplicity, and upon the recommendation of some scholars. The text's primary aim is to present Sunni theology in a way that makes it relevant to the lives of seekers of sacred knowledge, as well as to provide a clear and rigorous exposition of this foremost science.
"Of the concise creeds whose beginnings and endings are illumined in its beauty, and whose conciseness and marvels contained an enchanting exposition, is the work of the vast ocean and the eminent scholar, Abu Ja'far al-Tahawi, may Allah have mercy upon him.  Owing to its immense benefits and delightful wording, people were passionate about reading and memorising it. I therefore decided to pen a brief commentary on it, [with the intention of] revealing its secrets, clarifying its obscurities and lifting its veils, while relying on Allah, the One who showers His goodness and generosity, and grants existence to every being." ---Abu Hafs Siraj al-Din Ghaznawi, rahimahullah.
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