The Pen Quran, (Uthmani Script)

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The Pen Quran, (Uthmani Script)
ISBN: 4401451753877
About This Product
The Quran Learning Pen - With Uthmani Script!
With this carefully made Quran Learning Pen, adapted to the Urdu, Hindi, Pashto, and Bengali languages, you may discover the glories of the Quran like never before. This tablet is a game changer in your Quranic journey, with a fantastic 8GB storage capacity, 15 renowned reciters, and translations in 15 various languages.
Experience Effortless Quranic Learning:
The Quran Learning Pen is a cutting-edge piece of technology that will transform Quran reading, comprehension, understanding, and memorizing. This wonderful gizmo is your ideal companion, regardless of your ability to read the Quran. The Quran Learning Pen will have you wondering how you ever coped without it, whether you're young or old, an Arab speaker or not, a novice or an expert.
Feel and Listen:
Imagine merely tapping the pen to any ayah, surah, or page of the Quran, and the audio comes to life. It's that easy! The Quran Learning Pen improves reading abilities for all students by maintaining a continuous reading flow even when confronted with unfamiliar terms. Carry it with you at all times and places, and it will quickly become your invaluable reading companion.
How to Improve Your Quran Recitation:
The Quran Learning Pen has the potential to greatly improve your Quran reciting abilities. You can say goodbye to frustration and shame with its auditory coaching. Fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, pronunciation, academic vocabulary, and grammatical structure increase dramatically for both struggling and fluent readers.
A plethora of Recitations and Translations:
Immerse yourself in the soul-calming recitations of renowned Qaris such as Al-Sudais, Abdul Basit, Al-Afasy, Al-Ghamidi, Al-Ajmi, Al-Hudhaifi, Al-Maeqali, and others. Explore the profound meanings of the Quran through translations in English, Urdu, Bangali, Pashto, Turkish, and other languages.

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