The Quran (Arabic Text With Corresponding English Meaning)

Saheeh International
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Saheeh International
8.3 x 11.7 inches
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The Quran (Arabic Text With Corresponding English Meaning) 
ISBN-10: 9960792633
ISBN-13: 9789960792637
Author: Saheeh International
Book Binding: Hardcover
Pages 943
Size: 8.3 x 11.7 inches
Publication year: 1997
About This Book:Color may be Different 
"The Quran (Arabic Text With Corresponding English Meaning)" is a huge and significant asset that permits perusers to connect with the Quran, Islam's sacrosanct book, in the two its unique Arabic and English interpretations. This bilingual version offers a special chance for individuals to get to the consecrated book and get a more prominent handle on its illustrations and message, no matter what their language foundation.
Arabic Text:
The book gives the whole Quran in its unique Arabic calligraphy, permitting perusers to drench themselves in the magnificence of the Arabic language, which Muslims view as the genuine expression of God.
English Translation:
Notwithstanding the Arabic text, this release gives a precise and straightforward English interpretation, permitting perusers to figure out the implications, direction, and shrewdness intrinsic in the Quran.
Side-by-Side Format:
On each page, the Arabic and English texts are shown one next to the other, taking into consideration a consistent examination of the first Quranic refrains and their matching English understandings.
Contextual Understanding:
The interpretation expects to give a logical comprehension of the Quran's illustrations, making it open to a great many perusers, from the people who are new to the text to the individuals who are knowledgeable in its insight.
Cultural Sensitivity:
The book considers the social and etymological nuances of different Muslim people groups, guaranteeing that the interpretation stays current and available to perusers, everything being equal.
Interfaith Dialogue:
This bilingual version of the Quran empowers individuals, everything being equal, to look at and comprehend Islam's fundamental text, cultivating interfaith talk and common comprehension.
Spiritual Guidance:
The Quran furnishes Muslims with moral, moral, and profound exhortation, as well as general bits of knowledge into human instinct, values, and standards.

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    Beautiful Quran

    Ayesha Khan on 7th Sep 2019

    This Quran with Saheeh International translation was recommended by one of my friends because it has an ayah by ayah (verse by verse) translation rather than a whole paragraph of 3-4 ayahs that we find in regular translations.. I am extremely happy with my purchase and customer service. The cover is a little different than what's shown here but inside is the same. There's a huge difference in medium vs large size. I found large size a better value at $35 as Medium at $25 which looks like a small if you compare it to large.