The Story of Musa By Zaheer Khatri

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Zaheer Khatri
9.6 x 7.3 x 0.4 inches
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The Story of Musa By Zaheer Khatri
ISBN: 9781905516193
Author: Zaheer Khatri
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 68
Size: 9.6 x 7.3 x 0.4 inches
Publication 2007
About This Book:
"The Story of Musa" by Zaheer Khatri is a fascinating and informative book that recounts the tale of Prophet Musa (Moses) according to the point of view of Islamic practice. This book furnishes perusers with an arresting record of Prophet Musa's life and mission, his excursion to prophethood, and the lessons and shrewdness covered in his story through lively narrating and flawlessly drawn pages. It not only brings this significant story from Islamic history to life, but it also confers incredible illustrations and support to perusers, everything being equal.
Prophet Musa's Story
Start your excursion with a glance at the existence of Prophet Musa, quite possibly Islam's most famous prophet. Perceive the profound significance of his story throughout the entire existence of monotheism.
The Divine Mission and Call to Pharaoh
The Heavenly Mission and Call to Pharaoh Inspect the key second when Prophet Musa got a heavenly mission and was entrusted with defying Pharaoh and calling him to revere the one, genuine God. Examine his valiance and steady obligation to monotheism.
The Exodus and the Miracles
Find the extraordinary occasions and supernatural occurrences connected with Prophet Musa's central goal, like the splitting of the Red Ocean and the Departure of the Offspring of Israel. Find out about his resolute obligation to direct his kin to opportunity.
Moral Teachings and Lessons
Consider the critical examples and moral statutes that can be gotten from Prophet Musa's account. Figure out the significance of confidence, strength, and going to bat for equity and honorableness.

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