The Virtues of the Qu'ran By Shaykh al-Islam Muhammad ibn 'Abdul-Wahab

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Shaykh al-Islam Muhammad ibn 'Abdul-Wahab
Soft cover
8.0 x 5.0 x 0.2 inch
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The Virtues of the Qur'an By Shaykh al-Islam Muhammad ibn 'Abdul-Wahab
ISBN: 9781913998011
Author: Shaykh al-Islam Muhammad ibn 'Abdul-Wahab
Book Binding: Soft cover
Pages 75
Size: 8.0 x 5.0 x 0.2 inch
Publication year:2021
About This Book:
The author "Shaykh al-Islam Muhammad ibn 'Abdul-Wahab" of the book "The Virtues of the Qu'ran " is well-known for his work in advocating Tawhid (monotheism) principles and purifying Islamic beliefs of what he saw as innovations and deviant activities. Quran is too important in Islamic belief and its directly from the ALLAH wordings which were revealed by the Prophet Muhammad PBUH
Here are some significant Qur'anic virtues stressed in Islamic teachings:
Divine Direction:
For Muslims, the Qur'an is the ultimate source of direction. It gives directions on faith, morals, ethics, worship, and personal conduct. The divine wisdom and knowledge contained in the Quran that is the belief of Muslims
Quran can purify the heart of their believers and minds spiritually It provides spiritual peace, comfort, and inspiration by linking people to their Creator. Reciting and pondering on the Qur'an can provide peace of mind and a deeper understanding of life's purpose.
Source of Healing:
The Qur'an is thought to have spiritual and physical healing properties. Muslims frequently recite certain scriptures to seek protection, blessings, and healing from various ailments. It is seen as a method of seeking Allah's mercy and requesting His blessings.
The Day of Judgment:
The belief of Muslims is the person who recites and memorizes the Quran and practices it, the Quran will intercede that person on the day of judgment
Language Preservation:
The Arabic language preservation is preserved with the help of the Quran. The preservation of the Arabic language its played an important role Muslims regard the Qur'an as a literary masterpiece, and they try to learn, recite, and comprehend its poetic passages.
Social Justice Guidance:
The Qur'an supports the ideals of justice, equality, and compassion. It promotes the fair treatment of all people and emphasizes the significance of having a just and equal society

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    arrived in great condition

    ibn Saleem on 11th Oct 2021

    very beneficial book speaking on the fawa'id of the noble quran by the great scholar muhammad ibn abdul wahhab, definitely a treatise to read if you need motivation to get closer to the quran