Umda Tul Ahqaam (Arabic Only) Small Booklet By Hafiz Abdul Ghani

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Hafiz Abdul Ghani
6.8x4.8 inches
Darussalam Publications
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Umda Tul Ahqaam (Arabic Only) Small Booklet By Hafiz Abdul Ghani
Author: Hafiz Abdul Ghani
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 184
Size: 6.8x4.8 inches
Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Darussalam Publications
About This Book:
Hafiz Abdul Ghani's "Umda Tul Ahqaam" (Arabic Only) Small Booklet is a simple yet vital Islamic resource meant to give readers a condensed guide to essential Islamic rulings, or Ahkaam. Hafiz Abdul Ghani delivers a compendium of essential jurisprudential ideas and instructions in this Arabic-only pamphlet that are critical for Muslims wishing to navigate their daily lives in conformity with Islamic law.
A Concise Introduction to Islamic Law:
The book "Umda Tul Ahqaam" is a short manual of Islamic jurisprudence. It is a wonderful resource for understanding and applying basic Islamic legal rules, which include many elements of worship, ethics, and daily living.
Authenticity of Arabic Language: 
This booklet is delivered entirely in Arabic, retaining the authenticity and uniqueness of Islamic legal rulings. The Arabic language is recognized for its ability to effectively portray the nuances and intricacies of Islamic jurisprudence.
Essential for Daily Practice: 
Hafiz Abdul Ghani's pamphlet is designed to address Muslims' practical needs in their daily life. It offers direction on prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and other fundamental acts of worship, as well as ethical and personal conduct.
Perfect for Quick Reference:
This booklet's small and portable size makes it excellent for rapid reference at home, in the mosque, or when traveling. It is a convenient resource that can be brought with you and consulted as needed.
Suitable for a Wide Range of Audiences:
"Umda Tul Ahqaam" is intended for a wide range of readers, from beginners hoping to acquire the fundamentals of Islamic law to more experienced individuals desiring a concise and accessible reference. It is a useful tool for personal research and educational reasons.

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