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Umrah Mubarak Set Banner and Bunting decorative wall hanging
Umrah Mubarak Set Banner and Bunting decorative wall hanging

Umrah Mubarak Set Banner and Bunting decorative wall hanging

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Hajj Mubarak Banner:
Size : 89cm x 21cm
Hajj Mubarak Buntings:
Size : 15cm x 20cm each flag Size
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Umrah Mubarak Set Banner and Bunting decorative wall hanging
Size : 87cm x 21cm
Material: Paper
Pack of 10 Fags
Double side printing
About This Product:
With our gorgeous "Umrah Mubarak Set Banner and Bunting," you can uplift the atmosphere of your hallowed area and send out warm wishes. This exquisitely made ornamental wall hanging is intended to give your Umrah celebration a dash of refinement and spiritual importance. This set is ideal for homes, mosques, or public areas since it generates a joyful mood that is reminiscent of the excitement of starting a spiritual journey.
Beautiful Design: 
Our Umrah Mubarak Set has a gorgeous design that blends modern aesthetics with traditional components. The elaborate Islamic lettering and patterns on the banner and bunting create a visually striking display that honors the holy nature of the event.
Premium Materials: 
This set is long-lasting and made with precision from materials of the highest caliber. The bunting and banners are perfect for both transient celebrations and long-lasting souvenirs since they are crafted from high-quality fabrics that guarantee a colorful and durable display.
Simple Installation:
The set has easy-to-use installation elements that make it simple to decorate your space with the bunting and banners. To create a mesmerizing and immersive Umrah Mubarak ambiance, hang them from walls, wrap them along ceilings, or even hang them across windows.
Meaningful Wishes:
Heartfelt "Umrah Mubarak" greetings accompany this set of profound wishes, which is a thoughtful way to send blessings and best wishes to anyone starting this holy journey. It's a kind of present that represents harmony and a common spirituality and can be given to friends, family, or neighbors.

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