Understanding Your Testimony Of Faith; Seven Essential Points Of Understanding By Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab

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Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab
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Understanding Your Testimony Of Faith; Seven Essential Points Of Understanding By Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab

ISBN: 9781927012406
Author: Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab
Book Binding: Softcover
Size: 15x22
Language: English
About This Book:
Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab probably offers answers and insights on the main tenets of the Islamic testimony of faith (shahada) in "Understanding Your Testimony of Faith." The shahada is a profession of faith in Islam that affirms the prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the unity of Allah. Uttering the Muslim's testimony of faith, the first pillar of Islām, "Lā ilāha illā-Allāh" (There is none worthy of worship except Allāh), is very easy on the tongue, but many of us do not understand the depth of its meaning or the implications associated with uttering it. Or if we do, many of us fail to implement it in totality. In reality, there is no true worship without knowledge of the meaning of "Lā ilāha illā-Allāh," and implementing it. "Knowledge is the foundation! Knowledge precedes all statements and actions. Knowledge is the basis [of everything]." This highly significant book, authored by the great scholar, Shaykh Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhāb is explained by Shaykh Muḥammad Amān al-Jāmī. The explainer lists the seven essential components of Lā Ilāha IllAllāh and meticulously clarifies each one, giving the reader an in-depth understanding of this monumental utterance.
About The Author:
Influential Islamic theologian and scholar Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703–1792) was born in Najd, present-day Saudi Arabia. The Wahhabi movement, which began in the 18th century and significantly impacted the Arabian Peninsula, is most recognised for his affiliation with it. After creating a political alliance with the Al Saud dynasty, Al-Wahhab's ideologies gained traction in the area. The Emirate of Diriyah, which subsequently developed into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was the first Saudi kingdom to be founded thanks to this alliance.

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