Why Islam? American Revert-to-islam Answers by K Sherman

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K Sherman
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Why Islam? American Revert-to-islam Answers by K Sherman 

ISBN: 9786035011181
Author: K Sherman
Book Binding:Soft cover
Pages: 144
Publication year: 2011
About This Book:
"Why Islam? American Revert-to-Islam Answers" by K. Sherman is a book that delves into the personal experiences and reasons behind the author's conversion to Islam. The author, an American woman, shares her journey in three distinct parts: Part One: My Journey to Islam In this section, the author takes us through her spiritual voyage, beginning from her upbringing in a non-religious household to the eventual embrace of Islam. Part Two: Islam's Beauty. The author here examines the underlying beauty of Islam, both in terms of its tenets and real-world applicability. She considers the Islamic doctrine of Tawheed, highlighting the notion of the unity of God. The Difficulties of Being a Muslim in America, Part Three The author discusses the challenges that Muslims in America face in this concluding section. She exposes the many misconceptions about Islam in Western society and addresses freely the prejudice and discrimination experienced by Muslims. She also discusses the particular challenges of raising
Often, the first thing someone is asked when they discover the truth and embrace Islam is the question: Why Islam? Here, an American revert-to-Islam answers that question. The author, K. Sherman, writes: The beauty of Islam is probably the best-kept secret in modern times; it is about time it was revealed. This is the sentiment of a majority of people who are discovering the truth about Islam every day. My first exposure to the religion was through a perusal of a fifty-page booklet titled Towards Understanding Islam (written in 1932). It explained to me everything that twenty years of life and fifteen years of education could not. After the initial sense of relief, I suddenly felt cheated. I was consumed with rage. Why? I could not fathom how people could know about this phenomenal way of life and not speak out and inform others. This book is my personal take on the beauty of Islam, backed up by relevant and authentic references. I am convinced that humanity direly needs it and it is my duty to speak out.

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