Arabic Alphabet Flash Cards

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Arabic Alphabet Flash Cards 
ISBN: 9788178985558
Author: Goodword
Binding: Box Packing
Pages: 28 Flash Cards
Size: 9x13cm
Publication 2005
About This Book:
"Arabic Alphabet Flash Cards" are a priority concentrate on asset for anybody initiating on the interesting experience of learning Arabic. These cheat sheets are expected to help understudies of any age and level dominate the fundamental structure blocks of Arabic: the letters in order.
Comprehensive Coverage:
This arrangement of cheat sheets incorporates the full Arabic letter set, which comprises 28 letters in both the underlying and last structures. Each card is devoted to a solitary letter, guaranteeing full dominance of the shape and way to express each person.
Clear and graphically Engaging:
Every Arabic letter is addressed plainly and graphically on the blaze cards. The huge, simple-to-peruse Arabic content is enhanced by a literal interpretation of the letter's elocution to assist understudies with sounding out each character accurately.
Vivid Illustrations:
Each card offers brilliant and socially important pictures notwithstanding the Arabic content and literal interpretation to assist students in recognizing the letters with natural things or ideas. This further develops memory maintenance and jargon.
Sturdy and long-lasting:
These cheat sheets are imprinted on top-notch, durable material that is intended to persevere through rehashed use. These cards are planned to endure, whether you're an educator using them in a homeroom or a singular understudy.
Versatile Application:
These cheat sheets can be utilized in an assortment of learning conditions, including self-review, study hall guidance, self-teaching, and as an enhancement to Arabic language courses.
Progressive Learning:
As students become more familiar with the Arabic content, the cheat sheets can be utilized to present diacritical imprints and more complex elocution rules, laying the preparation for a superior perception of the language.

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