Arkan-e-Islam Emaan (The Pillars of Islam & Emaan) By Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah

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Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah
22x15 CM
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Darussalam Publications
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Urdu : Arkan-e-Islam Emaan (The Pillars of Islam & Emaan) By Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah
ISBN: 9789960982281
Author: Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah
Book Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 290
Size: 22x15 CM
Publication Year: 2014
About This Book:
Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah's "Arkan-e-Islam Emaan (The Pillars of Islam & Emaan)" is a careful and useful work that handles the critical mainstays of Islam and Emaan (confidence) in a straightforward and receptive way. This book is an incredible asset for Muslims who need to look into their confidence and its fundamental thoughts and practices.
Key features of the book:
Exploration of Pillars:
"Arkan-e-Islam Emaan" plunges into Islam's center convictions, known as the "Five Mainstays of Islam." The honest assertion (Shahada), supplication (Salat), fasting (Sawm), almsgiving (Zakat), and journey (Hajj) are among these points of support. The book meticulously describes every support point, its importance, and the way things are carried out in the existence of a Muslim.
Emaan (Faith) in Islam:
Alongside the support points, the book dives into the idea of Emaan (confidence) in Islam. It investigates the six statements of belief, which remember conviction for Allah, holy messengers, divine works, prophets, the Day of Judgment, and heavenly announcement. Perusers gain knowledge of the major ideas that support Islamic confidence.
Authentic Islamic Sources:
To convey exact and reliable data, Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah relies upon legitimate Islamic sources like the Quran and Hadith (adages and activities of the Prophet Muhammad, harmony arrive). This guarantees that perusers are getting certified lessons and heading.
Accessible Language:
Written in clear and fundamental English, the book is open to a great many perusers, even those with minimal earlier information on Islamic examinations. It is suitable for the two beginners and those trying to grow their mastery.

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