Del Noble Coran (Traduccion Comentario) (Spanish Quran)

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Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilah Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan
6.7x4.7x0.6 inches
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Darussalam Publications
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Del Noble Coran (Traduccion Comentario) (Spanish Quran)
ISBN: 9782987468431
Author: Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilah
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 510
Size: 6.7x4.7x0.6 inches
Publication 2012
About This Book:
"Del Noble Coran (Traducción Comentario)" is an esteemed interpretation of the Quran, Islam's heavenly book, converted into Spanish and upgraded with insightful editorial. This Spanish adaptation gives perusers admittance to the sacrosanct text, permitting them to find the Quran's significant lessons, shrewdness, and profound profundity in their own language.
Key Points and Insights:
Accurate Translation:
For Spanish-talking perusers, this version gives a steadfast interpretation of the Quran's unique Arabic message into the Spanish language, keeping up with the quintessence and message of the Quran.
Commentary (Tafsir):
The book contains discourse (Tafsir) that adds setting, clarifications, and experiences on the Quranic entries. The motivation behind this discourse is to help perusers better handle the Quran's lessons and the way that they apply to different aspects of life.
Spiritual and Moral Direction:
"Del Respectable Coran" is a wellspring of otherworldly and moral course, covering a large number of issues like confidence, morals, profound quality, and great life standards.
Cultural Relevance:
The interpretation and discourse are planned to be socially applicable to Spanish-talking perusers, permitting them to connect genuinely with the Quran's illustrations.
Interfaith Understanding:
By making the Quran accessible to individuals of numerous phonetic and social foundations, this Spanish Quran version advances more noteworthy interfaith comprehension and communication.
Personal Reflection:
Numerous perusers use this release as an instrument for individual consideration, reflection, and otherworldly development. It gives a chance to dive further into one's convictions and comprehension of Islam.

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