Islam and Christianity By Dr. Muhammad Ali Alkhuli

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Dr. Muhammad Ali Alkhuli
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Islam and Christianity By Dr. Muhammad Ali Alkhuli

Islam and Christianity are the most widespread religions throughout our world today. The followers of each exceed one billion in number. Both sides strive to gain more and more followers. Both religions have been competing for long centuries in different aspects and different arenas. Unfortunately, however, the followers of each religion know only little about the other religion. That is why it has come to my mind the idea that it will be worthy to try to put the two religions together in one book and give the reader a comparative look at both creeds.
This book gives answers to these questions:

1. Where do Islam and Christianity stand with regard to authenticity?
2. What is God according to Christianity and what is God according to Islam?
3. How does each religion look at Jesus?
4. What are the basic creeds of each religion?
5. How does worship differ in both religions?
6. What are the ethical differences between Islam and Christianity?
7. What is law in both religions?

In brief, this book aims at comparing Islam and Christianity concerning seven areas: authenticity, God, Jesus, creeds, worship, ethics, and law. Knowledge is power, as it is always repeated. To know is better than not to know. This comparative knowledge may help the reader in the way he may find convenient to him. This book may change all your life if you read it carefully and objectively with an open mind and an open heart.




  • Preface
  • Authenticity
  • God in Both Religions
  • Jesus in Both Religions
  • Creeds of Both Religions
  • Worship Acts in Both Religions
  • Ethics in Both Religions
  • Law in Both Religions


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