It's Story Time! The Story of Adam and The Story of Noah

One 4 Kids
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It's Story Time! The Story of Adam and The Story of NoahAuthor: One 4 Kids
Book Binding: Box Packing
About This Book:
"It's Story Time! The Story of Adam and The Story of Noah" is an engaging and educational children's book that digs into the two intriguing Islamic tradition accounts of Prophet Adam and Prophet Noah. This wonderfully illustrated book provides young readers with an exciting opportunity to learn about the origins of humanity as well as the extraordinary narrative of a man chosen to save the world from a huge flood.Young readers will embark on a spectacular adventure through the pages of this book, guided by engaging storytelling and striking graphics. Children are transported to a world of faith, courage, and divine guidance as the stories of Prophet Adam and Prophet Noah come to life.
Key features of "It's Story Time! The Story of Adam and The Story of Noah" include:
Educational and Inspiring:
The book provides an educational yet inspiring experience, making it suitable for parents, educators, and religious leaders who want to teach children about Islam's foundational stories of religion. It teaches children essential moral lessons and emphasizes the significance of obeying God's laws.
wonderful images:
The book is decorated with wonderful, vibrant images that engage young readers' imaginations. These graphics not only enrich the narrative experience but also assist children in connecting with the characters and events in the stories.
Character Development:
Children learn crucial lessons about patience, resilience, and the importance of God's guidance via the stories of Adam and Noah. These stories urge young readers to think about their own lives and activities while also promoting character development.

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