Noorani Qaaidah with Urdu and English Notes (Tajweedi) Ref 270

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Qudrat Ullah Company
8.3 x 5.4 x 0.1 Inch
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Noorani Qaaidah with Urdu and English Notes (Tajweedi),Ref 270
ISBN: 9789696723165
Author: Qudrat Ullah Company
Book Binding: Paperback
Pages: 31
Size: 8.3 x 5.4 x 0.1 Inch
About This Book:
For anybody, whether a beginner or an advanced learner, wishing to acquire the skill of Quranic recitation with accuracy and understanding, "Noorani Qaaidah with Urdu and English Notes (Tajweedi) Ref 270" is an essential and painstakingly created instructional resource.
Key Characteristics:
All-inclusive Learning Aid:
This book acts as a comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of Quranic recitation. This tool is intended to help you, regardless of where you are in your Quranic recitation journey or whether you want to improve your Tajweed (Quranic pronunciation guidelines).
Format for the Noorani Qaaidah:
The "Noorani Qaaidah" is a well-known educational instrument for teaching Quranic recitation. It offers a systematic and progressive method for learning the Quranic script, starting with simple alphabets and moving on to more intricate pronunciation guidelines.
Urdu and English Notes:
Detailed notes in both Urdu and English are included in this edition, which makes it unique. These notes act as a link between the text and the learner, aiding in the explanation of Tajweed nuances and word meanings, making the work understandable to a wider audience.
Tajweedi Focus:
Tajweed is the art of pronouncing and reciting the Quran. The emphasis on Tajweed guidelines in this book ensures that readers learn to recite the Quran correctly, with proper pronunciation, articulation, and rhythmic flow.
Reference 270:
Students can easily identify this particular edition thanks to the reference number "Ref 270," which makes it possible for them to get the information they require.

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