Noorani Qaaidah

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52 Pages
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Noorani Qaaidah
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 52 Pages
Size: 8.5x5.6x 0.1 Inch
Publication Year: 2011
About This Book:
The "Noorani Qaaidah" is a foundational textbook aiming to provide a methodical and approachable way to learn the fundamentals of Arabic script and pronunciation for beginners, particularly children. This Qaaidah, written by famous scholars, serves as an essential stepping stone for individuals beginning the journey of reading and reciting the Quran. The "Noorani Qaaidah" has become a trusted resource in many educational settings due to its planned courses and emphasis on perfect articulation.
Step-by-Step Learning: 
The "Noorani Qaaidah" is built around a step-by-step approach to learning Arabic script. The book exposes students to the Arabic alphabet, progressing from individual letters to the formation of words and sentences. The planned courses allow beginning readers and writers to learn the essentials of reading and writing systematically.
Tajweed (perfect Pronunciation): 
One of the unique elements of the "Noorani Qaaidah" is its stress on Tajweed or perfect Quranic Arabic pronunciation. The book contains clear marks and rules to assist students in correctly articulating each letter and vowel. This emphasis on Tajweed guarantees that children not only learn to read but also develop the right pronunciation necessary for Quran recitation.
Integration of Quranic Verses: 
The "Noorani Qaaidah" incorporates Quranic verses from the start, allowing students to apply their reading skills to actual Quranic passages. This practical method assists students in connecting with the Quranic text, promoting a sense of accomplishment and motivation throughout their learning journey.
Engaging Visuals and Layout:
The book uses engaging visuals and a user-friendly layout to enhance the learning experience. Clear fonts, bright images, and well-organized courses add to an environment conducive to effective learning, making it especially appropriate for young students.

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