Rules Of Tajweed (Safar Learn To read Series)

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Safar Publications
9.3 x 6.5 inch
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Rules of Tajwid, Safar Learn to Read Series
ISBN: 9781909966888
Author: Safar Publications
Book Binding: Softcover
Pages: 112
Size: 9.3 x 6.5 inch
Publication Year: 2018
About This Book:
"Rules of Tajweed," a key component of the Safar Learn to Read Series, is a thorough and indispensable resource for anybody looking to enhance their Quranic recitation abilities. Tajweed, the set of principles guiding perfect Quranic text pronunciation and articulation, is critical for accurately portraying the beauty and spirit of the divine message. This book is intended to assist students of all levels in grasping Tajweed rules and improving their Quranic recitation.
Key Characteristics include:
Organised Learning Path:
The book offers a systematic and organised way to comprehend and use Tajweed principles. It leads students through ever more sophisticated topics, ensuring that each rule is thoroughly understood before moving on.
Clear and Concise Explanations:
Complex Tajweed rules are taught in straightforward and succinct language, making them accessible to learners of diverse levels of expertise. It streamlines the learning process, allowing learners to easily internalize the rules.
Practice activities:
Throughout the book, practical activities and examples are presented to reinforce learning and allow students to use Tajweed norms in their Quranic recitation.
Visual Aids:
Visual aids, such as diagrams and pictures, help students comprehend Tajweed principles by offering a visual depiction of how to apply them. These tools are especially beneficial for visual learners.
Audio help:Some editions of the book may feature audio help, allowing students to listen to proper pronunciations and Tajweed recitations of Quranic passages.
Comprehensive Coverage:
The book covers a wide variety of Tajweed regulations, such as those governing pronunciation (Makharij), elongation (Madd), letter features (Sifat), and halting and continuing rules (Waqf and Ibtida).

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