Salat Knowledge Game By Saniyasnain Khan

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Saniyasnain Khan
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11 x 10.6 x 3 inches
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Salat Knowledge Game By Saniyasnain Khan
ISBN: 9788178988306
Author: Saniyasnain Khan
Binding: Box Packing
Size: 11 x 10.6 x 3 inches
About This Book:
Saniyasnain Khan's "Salat Knowledge Game" is a one-of-a-kind and interactive educational tool created to make studying Salat (Islamic prayer) not only informative but also pleasant. This novel game is ideal for individuals, families, or Islamic educational settings, as it makes learning and appreciating the complexities of Salat a fun and engaging experience.
Interactive Learning: 
The Salat Knowledge Game is more than simply a book; it's a dynamic and interactive learning experience. It uses a game format that emphasizes active engagement, allowing participants to put their Salat knowledge to the test.
Comprehensive Content:
The game is aimed to address many components of Salat, including postures, recitations, and the meaning of specific actions during prayer. Players get the option to learn more about the praying process.
Engaging Visuals:
Colorful and visually appealing pictures and diagrams assist players in grasping the various aspects of Salat, making it simpler to remember and understand the prayer's order.
Multiple Learning Types:
The game accommodates various learning types by providing a hands-on, kinesthetic experience that supplements traditional study methods. As a result, it is suitable for both youngsters and adults.
Spiritual Connection: 
In addition to the Salat mechanics, the game lets players connect spiritually with their prayer. It stimulates reflection on the meanings and purposes behind each Salat activity.
Suitable for All Ages:
Adaptable to multiple Age Groups and Levels of Knowledge: Whether you're a small child studying Salat for the first time or an adult trying to reinforce your comprehension, the Salat Knowledge Game is adaptable to multiple age groups and levels of knowledge.

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