Seeking higher power or the God (A Guide to Reaching Success)

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Dr. Muhammad Arif
8.5 x 5.5 inch
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Dr. Muhammad Arif
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Seeking Higher Power or The God (A Guide to Reaching Success)
Author: Dr. Muhammad Arif
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 122
Size: 8.5 x 5.5inch
Publication Year: 2023
Language: English
Publisher: Dr. Muhammad Arif
About This Book:
"Seeking Higher Power or the God: 'A Guide to Reaching Success' is very inspiring and gives an immersion life-changing experience to anyone who seeks for a personal development and an achievement of spiritual goals. This book magnifies a reader’s degree of understanding himself, plus the nature of life and the connection between the human and the divine in a place that is a mixture of trials and somewhat uncertainty. The book's author inspires people to take that personal road of self-discovery, resiliency and achievement, and that with the thought provoking insights and useful guidance the book provides, anyone can succeed.
The Search for Greater Meaning:
In the beginning, the book concentrates on what is regarded by many as the universal meaning of human being which is transcendent. It is the quest of the sovereign self for an ultimate purpose beyond personal satisfaction and finding commonality in higher ideals, rather than oneself, that sustains human search. Through philosophy, religion or revelation spirituality book quest for the readers is to self-reflection and getting connection with the divine.
Managing Life's Challenges:
If there is one thing, that life excels at, is throwing many challenges in the way and these challenges, constantly seek to bring us down. In here the book provides hands-on method of handling life throughout difficult times with courage and grace. In this narration, the author counterbalances spirituality and psychology in a way that accords the readers with all necessary skills to navigate through hardship, counter adaptive behaviors and eventually emerge more resiliently from some of the darkest days.
Finding Inner Wisdom:
Furthermore, the quest for self-knowledge and spiritual awakening that happens during the seeking or finding a higher power is indispensable. The authors request the audience to inwardly focus on their innate wisdom and intuition via meditation, contemplation and engaging in religious or spiritual activities. The book tells us about the true meaning of existence that is tied to the fulfillment of one’s destiny, the development of one’s personality, and the congruence of one’s acts with inner principles.

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