Spanish - Jesús, Profeta del Islam - Jesus Prophet of Islam By Ahmad Thomson

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Ahmad Thomson
Hard Cover
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Spanish - Jesús, Profeta del Islam - Jesus Prophet of Islam By Ahmad Thomson
ISBN: 9786035011679
Author: Ahmad Thomson
Book Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 363
About This Book:
Ahmad Thomson's "Spanish - Jesús, Profeta del Islam - Jesus Prophet of Islam" is a provocative assessment of the figure of Jesus (Isa in Arabic) as seen through the crystal of Islamic custom. Ahmad Thomson, an English Muslim writer and researcher, plunges into the job and meaning of Jesus inside the setting of Islam in this Spanish-language book, introducing new thoughts and experiences that overcome any issues between Christian and Islamic customs.
Interfaith Understanding:
Interfaith Comprehension:
"Jesus, Profeta del Islam" expects to advance interfaith correspondence and understanding by welcoming light on Jesus according to an Islamic viewpoint. It explores the similitudes and contrasts between Christian and Islamic points of view on Jesus to foster a feeling of shared trait and regard among individuals from the two religions.
Islamic Perspective:
As per Islamic custom, the book depicts Jesus as a dearest prophet, furnishing perusers with a careful handle on his life, reason, and lessons. It dives into the Quranic references to Jesus and his spot in the Islamic prophetic custom.
Historical and Theological Insights:
Ahmad Thomson blends verifiable and philosophical examinations to give perusers a thorough point of view of Jesus in Islam. From the outlook of Islamic convictions, the book examines religious thoughts like Jesus' holiness, his situation as a courier, and his execution.
Accessible Language:
Since the book is written in Spanish, open to Spanish-talking perusers who may not be conversant in English or Arabic. It is great for a wide range of perusers, including those with a general interest in religion and otherworldliness, because of its direct and concise language.

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