The Presence of Islam in Andalus By Ahmad Thomson and Muhammad 'Ata'-ur-Rahim

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Ahmad Thomson and Muhammad 'Ata'-ur-Rahim
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The Presence of Islam in Andalus By Ahmad Thomson and Muhammad 'Ata'-ur-Rahim
ISBN: 9781842001998
Author: Ahmad Thomson and Muhammad 'Ata'-ur-Rahim
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 464
Size: 5.9x8.2inches
Publication Year: 2023
Language: English
About This Book:
Ahmad Thomson and Muhammad 'Ata'-ur-Rahim's engrossing investigation, "The Presence of Islam in Andalus," transports readers through historical accounts. This perceptive study reveals the intricate details of Andalusia's Islamic civilization, illuminating the religion's lasting impact and wide-ranging influence in the center of medieval Spain. Examining the literary, philosophical, and societal aspects, the writers present an engrossing story that endures.
Historical Tapestry Unveiled: 
Readers are given a vivid picture of the Islamic civilization that thrived in medieval Spain by Ahmad Thomson and Muhammad 'Ata'-ur-Rahim's painstaking unveiling of the Andalusian historical tapestry. The book provides a window into the past, highlighting the vibrant culture and intellectual life that defined Andalusian society.
Islamic Influence Across Disciplines: 
The book examines the extensive impact of Islam on a variety of Andalusian life domains, ranging from architecture to philosophy, and science to art. Readers will learn how Islamic ideas influenced the artistic and intellectual endeavors of the era, creating a lasting impression on society.
Interfaith cooperation: 
"The Presence of Islam in Andalus" focuses on the exceptional period of Andalusia's interfaith cooperation. The writers explore the relationships between Muslims, Christians, and Jews, portraying a time when many populations coexisted and fostered a thriving atmosphere of respect and cultural interchange.
Legacy of Knowledge and Tolerance:
The teachings of Andalusian Islam have left a lasting legacy of coexistence, knowledge, and tolerance. The book considers the developments in knowledge, the establishment of educational programs, and social mores that supported the growth of a variety of viewpoints and ideas.

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