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The Creed Explained (Workbook)By Moosaa Richardson

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Moosaa Richardson
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The Creed Explained (Workbook): A Collection of Resources for Traditional Study of Al-Imam al-Muzani's Classic Primer in Creed, Sharh as-Sunnah By Moosaa Richardson

ISBN: 9798677870897

This workbook is based on the classic text, Sharh as-Sunnah, by al-Imaam Aboo Ibraaheem Ismaa'eel ibn Yahyaa al-Muzani (d.264). Currently, this text is being studied at Masjid Ibn Baaz in South Philadelphia (USA) under Shaykh Hamzah 'Abdur-Razzaaq (may Allah bless and preserve him). You can also find a nine-part explanation in English, as free MP3 recordings on al-Masjid al-Awwal's Speaker channel (Pittsburgh): "Radio1mm" -

This study guide and compilation of important resources includes:

The full text of Sharh as-Sunnah, including the story surrounding why the text was written. This is carefully laid out in original voweled Arabic and clear English.

A very helpful "Personal Progress Tracker."

Five multiple choice quizzes on the meanings of the narrations, and one comprehensive exam, with answer keys.

Five memorization quizzes, and one comprehensive memorization test.

An "Isnaad" (chain of transmission) for the text, back to the great scholar, Ibn al-Qayyim, who quoted this entire text in his book, Ijtimaa' al-Juyoosh al-Islaamiyyah.

A complete, uninterrupted Arabic text of Sharh as-Sunnah (fully voweled)

Another complete, uninterrupted Arabic text, stripped of voweling, to promote Arabic mastery.

So take a moment and look through the preview of the book offered by Amazon.

To be clear: This is a workbook to use as a companion to your study of al-Muzani's Sharh as-Sunnah.

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