The Easy Quran, Translation of the Holy Quran in Easy English By Imtiaz Ahmad (New Edition)

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Imtiaz Ahmad
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The Easy Quran, Translation of the Holy Quran in Easy English By Imtiaz Ahmad (New Edition)
ISBN: 9786030063598
Translator: Imtiaz Ahmad
Binding: Hardcover
About This Book:
"The Easy Quran" by renowned author Imtiaz Ahmad invites you to take a transforming journey through the holy passages of the Quran. With an easy-to-read translation in simple English, this new version offers readers a new take on the eternal wisdom in the Quran. Absorb yourself in the divine direction that helps you connect deeply with Islamic teachings and breaks down language barriers.
Easy to Understand Translation: 
"The Easy Quran" is a fitting title since it breaks down the intricate details of the Quranic text and provides an understandable translation in simple English. The careful interpretation by Imtiaz Ahmad guarantees that readers of all ages and backgrounds can understand the deep meanings without sacrificing the message's purity.
Reader-Friendly Design: 
The reader has been carefully considered in the design of this translation's new version. Legible chapter boundaries, clear font, and user-friendly design enhance a smooth reading experience. The arrangement of the book is designed to promote regular interaction with the revelations from God.
Comprehensive Explanatory Notes: 
Imtiaz Ahmad adds incisive notes to the translation that give background information and clarify. The reader will have a deeper comprehension of the Quranic verses by discovering important background information, cultural quirks, and linguistic idiosyncrasies.
Application to Modern living:
This version of "The Easy Quran" aims to apply the timeless lessons of the Quran to modern living rather than just providing a literal translation. Imtiaz Ahmad draws attention to the verses' applicability to contemporary issues, establishing a link between the divine direction and the reality of the present world.

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