The Explanation of Al-haiyah By Dr. Salih Bin Fawzan

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Dr. Saleh Ibn Fawzaan Ibn Abdullah Al-Fawzaan
5.8 x 8.3 inches
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The Explanation of Al-haiyah By Dr. Saleh Ibn Fawzaan Ibn Abdullah Al-Fawzaan
ISBN: 9780984660032
Author: Dr. Saleh Ibn Fawzaan Ibn Abdullah Al-Fawzaan
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 247
Size: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
Publication 2013
About This Book:
Dr. Salih Canister Fawzan's "The Explanation of Al-Haiyah" is a far-reaching and captivating work that furnishes perusers with a top-to-bottom investigation and discourse on the celebrated Islamic work of art, "Al-Haiyah" (otherwise called "Al-Haiyat" or "Al-Hayat") composed by the incomparable Islamic researcher, Ibn Abi Dawud. Dr. Salih Container Fawzan dismantles the insight, bits of knowledge, and functional exhortation tracked down inside the pages of "Al-Haiyah," making it open to a cutting-edge crowd.
"Al-Haiyah" is a principal text in Islamic law (fiqh) that examines various areas of Islamic regulation and morals, giving guidance on love, profound quality, and day-to-day living. Dr. Salih Container Fawzan's critique endeavors to reveal insight into the importance and significance of this work for current perusers, making it an extraordinary asset for understudies, researchers, and everybody keen on studying Islamic statutes.
The following are some of the highlights of "The Explanation of Al-Haiyah":
In-Depth Exegesis:
Dr. Salih Canister Fawzan offers a profound and insightful exposition of "Al-Haiyah," analyzing its perplexing ideas, standards, and decisions.
Historical environment:
The book gives perusers experiences into the verifiable and social climate in which "Al-Haiyah" was made, permitting them to all the more likely grasp its importance in the advancement of Islamic regulation.
Practical Application:
The discourse dissects how the lessons and decisions in "Al-Haiyah" can be reasonably applied in the existences of present-day Muslims, resolving issues like love, morals, and social lead.
Moral and Ethical Guidance:
"The Clarification of Al-Haiyah" accentuates the text's moral and moral statutes, underlining the meaning of exemplary nature, equity, and devotion in the existences of adherents.

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